My mother loved nice dinnerware, dishes, cups, mugs and so on. For a few years, my brother and I gave her a new nice cup with saucer or an elegant mug with floral or fruit print for her birthday, for mother’s day, for Christmas.

From our childhood we knew the so-called “Acapulco dinnerware” by Villeroy and Boch, which we used as our everyday-dinnerware. When we cleared out the kitchen, we had to face the big question- where to put this dinnerware? Neither my brother nor I wanted to take it home and use it – it was too colourful and just too well-known. But to give it away…? No, we simply couldn’t do that. That’s why we packed it up again and gave ourselves some more time till the final decision had to be made.

I remember that back in the day, it used to be a big drama, whenever a plate or a cup broke. My mother was always very sad and told us, how expensive the dinnerware had been once… When visiting fleamarkets, she used to look out for replacements that could fill the spot of a piece that clumsy children’s hands (and- let’s be honest – several times also a grown-up’s hands) had broken.

The “Acapulco-box” fell into our hands once again during a final clearing-out session and a decision had to be taken. Since both of us had enough dinnerware but at the same time could still not let go of the dinnerware, we decided that I should store it in my basement, just in case one of us would like to use it again in a distant future, when the décor would be pleasant to our eyes once again.

I went and bought a reasonably nice looking plastic box with a tight lid; I cleaned the dinnerware thoroughly and packed it up, using bubble wrap, styrofoam chips and gift wrap (whatever was handy).

The box is still in my little basement. Of course I could make use of the space it takes up, but to me it is more important to know that the memory-laden dinnerware is still with me and can be used whenever I want – if indeed I want to!

Pieces of the same dinnerware are still to be found at fleamarkets or online on ebay and the like – and it is still quite expensive! And you know what- I have just found myself pondering the thought of buying missing pieces and completing the set….


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