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Flem, Lydia: Comment J’ai Vidé La Maison de Mes Parents (English and French Edition).

Mass Market Paperback –March 3, 2013. ISBN-13: 978-2757833544

Content: The author tells the story on how she as an only child inherited her parents’ house and all their belongings and she describes the way she dealt with the task to clean out this home. Lovingly she keeps what seemed to have had great importance to her parents, gives away those things that may still be useful for someone else and she experiences how important memorabilia are.

The reader will easily identify with the author on several occasions and understand that grief may be an utterly individual process, but still some experiences while grieving are the same everywhere. The understanding that others have made the same experience helps and empowers.

Erdkönig, Christina und Ben Naoua, Emir: Loslassen und Leben aufräumen. Was mit uns geschieht, wenn wir die Wohnung unserer Eltern auflösen.

Verlag Herder GmbH; Auflage: 1 (14. Januar 2014); ISBN-13:978-3451612480

Content: In ten chapters Christina Erdkönig interviews 14 people who tell their stories about how they dissolved their parents’ household. Emir Ben Naoua wraps up each chapter with a psychological explanation on the shown behaviour and emotions.

This book helps understanding that you are not alone with your feelings and how people in a similar situation dealt with their emotions and problems.

Zevin, Gabrielle: Elsewhere.

Square Fish; Auflage: Reprint (15. Mai 2007). ISBN 978-0312367466

Content: Nearly sixteen-year-old Liz dies in a car accident. But this is not the end of this book, it’s its beginning. Liz’ finds herself on a cruise ship that brings passengers to Elsewhere. Liz only realizes the truth of her being dead slowly while being aboard and meeting other- mostly elderly – people. In Elsewhere, her grandmother who died before her birth, is waiting for her to take her home. She explains how life in Elsewhere works – the most important difference in Elsewhere is that people age backwards; Liz’ grandmother is therefore somewhere in her thirties, although she died in her fifties…

This book brings hope and strength and it raises the question of “what if…” – a question that all who have lost someone will know for sure…

This book is addressed to young adult readers, but can be enjoyed by adults just as well.

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